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D is for Don't Let Your Divorce Negatively Define You

“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” ― Joseph Campbell Dealing with divorce is a harsh reality; after all no one gets married expecting divorce in their future, yet it happens to a large number of  married couples. Divorce happens to good people. It…

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Fabulous Financial Facts — What to Teach Your Kids about the Economy

Welcome back to Fabulous Financial Facts. I am Ann Zuraw. You might be asking yourself why kids need to know about the economy. Stories about banks failing, bailouts, the deficit, housing market and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are in the news daily and are  all pieces of our economy. Knowing about economics helps them…

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AZ Asks: Abbey Donnelly to tell us how Networking Works.

    Abby Donnelly is a partner and Executive Coach with Training & Development Solutions (TDS), a Sandler Training® franchise servicing the Triad. They are experts at improving sales and leadership performance. Abby has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Fortune 500 to boutique professional firms. Her greatest strength is as a Trusted Advisor to…

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What's Inside Your Purse?

Welcome back to Chicks Chat and Change. Hi I’m Ann Zuraw What do you do with your old purse when it is time to say goodbye? Donating used clothes and purses have a far greater value and a bigger financial reach than you might think. Donating clothing doesn’t just mean letting your things be resold…

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