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It does not matter what size your company is—the issues are always the same. Some critical questions to consider are: Do you have a growth strategy and how is it measured?  Do you know if your revenue, expenses, and margins are growing, stable or declining?  How leveraged is your balance sheet? Are you evaluating management…

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K is for Kudos to Those Who Keep the Business Alive After Divorce

You and your spouse begin your lives together as excited entrepreneurs dreaming of the successful business you will create together. You both dedicate many long hours, and behold you arrive, your company has flourished under your management and more successful than you imagined. Unfortunately, your personal relationship took a beating and now you head toward…

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J is for Jump Start Your Career

  Just because it’s not your new career, or even one you want to stick with forever, doesn’t mean you can’t do everything in your power to improve your current job situation. By taking initiative to learn new skills and improve on old ones, you can take control of your career – and your life!…

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AZ Asks Advisor Views

        Advisor Views A feature from Ann Zuraw, Zuraw Financial Advisors, LLC. Advisor Views offers timely investment news and market updates designed to keep you informed, while enhancing your overall investment experience.   Your Portfolio and the S&P 500 Index: Compared to What? Among the frequently asked questions we hear from clients…

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